<![CDATA[INFINITE PHYSIOTHERAPY//EXPERIENCED HOME PHYSIOTHERAPY IN BURWOOD - Blog]]>Sun, 03 May 2020 03:24:10 +1000Weebly<![CDATA[Osteoarthritis (OA)]]>Sat, 11 May 2019 07:00:00 GMThttp://infinitephysiotherapy.com.au/blog/osteoarthritis-oa1 in 5 Australian over the age of 45 has osteoarthritis (OA).

OA is the breakdown of articular cartilages in the joint, resulting in pain, joint stiffness, reduced physical fitness and sometimes creaking or a rubbing sensation with movement and weight bearing activities. The most commonly affected joint is the knee joint.

Some of the risk factors include:
- being female
- Overweight
- Age
- Previous knee injuries
- Sedentary lifestyle

Therapeutic exercise, in particular loading exercises, have been shown to improve the physical function, quality of life and pain management of people with OA.
It is safe and non-invasive, making it the preferred choice of treatment.

However, inappropriate dosage or types of exercises are also associated with the development of OA.

So how do you make the most out of your time and effort?
In my experience, most clients with OA present with other conditions as well.
It may be due to reasons as such increased age, compensatory mechanisms resulting from prolonged pain or poor general health. Hence, it is often difficult to apply common exercises that we see on videos or TV as they may affect the other conditions and do more harm than good. Based on the severity of the OA, exercise intensity and load should be altered to prevent any potential flare ups as well

Physiotherapists are equipped with the knowledge and skills to tailor exercises to suit each individual’s needs. Whether you are starting from zero or looking to continue your pursue in high level sports, Infinite Physiotherapy is here for you. Call us now for a pain-free tomorrow!

5位45岁以上的澳大利亚人中就有1位患有骨关节炎(OA)。 OA是 因关节磨损而导致关节软骨退化或者结缔组织发炎。疼痛、关节僵硬、身体活动能量降低和活动时感到关节摩擦是最常见的症状。严重的时候还可能屈曲挛缩畸形,最终导致关节残疾,影响身体其他器官的运作。关节炎可以发生在背、颈、膝盖、肩关节、手、髋关节、足踝。膝盖是最容易受影响的关节之一。
- 女性,
- 发胖超重
- 年龄
- 过去曾有关节感染或受伤
- 肌肉无力




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<![CDATA[Weebles wobble but they don't fall down]]>Sat, 04 May 2019 07:00:00 GMThttp://infinitephysiotherapy.com.au/blog/weebles-wobble-but-they-dont-fall-downMy grandma was the matriarch of the family. Strong, smart and stubborn.
You can see it from the way she walks. She would keep her back straight, clasp her hands together behind her back, and wobble a little from side to side while she observed, directed and commented at things around her. Expectedly, convincing her to exercise was as difficult as nailing jelly to a tree.

Once she almost fell while stepping out of her en-suite. She slipped in the corridor, between the foot of the bed and the wardrobe, but did not fall as she got stuck between the 2 pieces of furniture. We laughed about it and she exclaimed how glad she was that she was overweight.

While the incident was truly hilarious, i couldn’t help but consider all the what-if’s.
-What if she fell and got a fracture?
-What if she loses confidence and develops a fear of falling?

And for every scenario, I had a solution in my mind.

Then it struck me that that was all crisis management. Why am I finding solutions for the aftermath when I can prevent the fall entirely?
How should I go about doing it?

So, I did my readings and you see, falls are multi-factorial. The most common ones being frailty, polypharmacy, vitamin D deficiency, multi morbidity, impaired sensorium and home hazards. Interestingly, most of these factors are modifiable!

Since I’m a physiotherapist, let me share a little about frailty.

Frailty syndrome is a physical phenotype describing only physical components. It includes criteria such as skrinking, weakness, physical endurance, low physical energy, and slow walking speed.

Exercise programs have been shown to reduce the risk of falls, improve the fear of falling, increase or maintain physical performance, improve balance, especially in the pre-frail elderly, as well as reverse the frailty status.

If we are familiar with elderly, we will understand that each elderly can present very differently with the same conditions, especially frail elderly.

Tailored exercise programs not only target their weakest areas and most likely factor for falls, but also ensure they are able to perform at their optimum capacity while paying heed to other comorbidities. This reduces the risk of accidents during the exercise session and recovery period.

For non-frail and pre-frail elderly, I would suggest for them to keep a regular,
non-individually tailored exercise program at the very least, for maintenance
of physical performance. Both physiotherapist guided exercises and
general exercise programs offered in the community are shown to be
beneficial for reducing fall risks.

Ever since my grandma’s near fall incident, I’ve been coming up with different ways to encourage elderly to participate in exercise that they find meaningful. Exercises can be fun and relevant while increasing their confidence and physical performance. Why procrastinate when it is so simple?

Falls prevention can be as easy as abc with the right guidance. Consult your physiotherapist consult today for a fall-free tomorrow!



虽然这件事真的很搞笑,但我还是忍不住考虑所有的假设。 例如她跌倒并且骨折该怎么办?如果她失去信心并且从此害怕行走那又该怎么办?对于每种情况,我都有一个解决方案。










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